Profile image of Brian Moore

Brian Moore

Lead Pastor


Brian has been the Lead Pastor at Highland for many years and has created an atmosphere of change and community building.  As the leader of our church he continually keeps the message of reaching our neighbors with the hope of Jesus Christ at the forefront of who we are. 

Profile image of Shannon Wood

Shannon Wood

Administrative Pastor

Office: 501-778-5075

Shannon oversees our staff, campus and logistics for our church.  He insures that all of our ministries are speaking the same language and moving in the same direction to bring about strength and continuity for Highland. 

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Josh Inmon

Connections Pastor

Office: 501-778-5075

Josh's role is unique in that it incorporates Worship and Community.  He oversees every connection point for Highland from the time someone enters the building or when they begin a new relationship in a Community Group. He leads our worship team every Sunday and develops and leads our team of Community Group Leaders.

Profile image of Jordan Cecil

Jordan Cecil

NextGen Pastor

Office: 501-778-5075

Jordan is our NextGen Pastor overseeing the student and college ministries of Highland. He has a passion to help students and parents find their purpose in Christ through the teaching and studying of God's Word, intentional family discipleship and by reaching out to our community.

Profile image of Christy Scott

Christy Scott

Administrative Assistant

Office: 501-778-5075

Christy manages all office activities and assists our pastors with ministry related needs. She also works closely with our Administrative Pastor to insure the finances of our church are managed properly. She is your source for calendaring events or for questions related to campus activities.